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If you want peace, prepare for war. It is an ancient adage but in 2399 it rings no less true than it did back when it was originally uttered.

The USS Noor Inayat Khan, named after the legendary female wireless operator who worked for the Allies in World War 2, is tasked with being prepared at all times. As a rapid response ship it serves at the vanguard of Starfleet to step in wherever needed and to do whatever it takes to protect and serve the Federation.

Its crew can be called upon to do anything, from being the first line of defence against any incursion to evacuating planets in case of natural disaster. No matter what the call is, the brave members of the Noor Inayat Khan stand ready to respond.

Season 1: The Magnolian Crisis

Isolated due to nature and circumstances from the rest of the Galactic Community, the civilizations of the Milizé Cluster of star systems have developed in unique ways. With technology left behind by an earlier hyper advanced civilization space travel had been available to the humanoids within it for their entire natural history, however an ancient environmental disaster made sure leaving their cluster of star systems would be all but impossible.

For most of their history the Cluster was dominated by the Empire of Giad. One of the first to militarize space and artificial intelligence, they created an army of unmanned drones that could subjugate all others. What they did not anticipate was this Legion turning on their very masters and taking over their home planet while continuing the war against all others. Deprived of their home world the remnants of the Empire assembled in the Imperial Federation of Giad to fight the monster they themselves had unleashed.

The Republic of Magnolia comparatively was the most forward thinking of the five major nations in the Cluster. The first to embrace democracy and pass civil rights laws it soon became the home of peoples from all five nations. This all changed when the Legion attacked on orders of the Empire. With paranoia, nationalism and prejudices taking over the Republic stripped all those who didn't fit their very narrow ethnic requirements of citizenship and to be used to serve the Republic and nothing more.

Channelling all their efforts in defeating the Legion and securing the Republic, Magnolia engaged in research previously deemed too dangerous to be used to develop the ultimate weapon. As 2399 proceeds they may have achieved their ultimate goal.

While the Milizé Cluster was unreachable to foreign powers, smugglers had always found ways through and the invention of Quantum Slipstream Drive finally allowed Starfleet vessels to gain entry. Recognizing the threat posed by these new weapons, exceeding even Starfleet capabilities by centuries, the Noor Inayat Khan has been sent to achieve a negotiated peace or failing that show Magnola the strength of Starfleet before it is too late.

Already a major challenge on its own, Starfleet must now resolve a centuries-old war ased on millennia-old prejudices and with only a limited understanding of the full context. A Crisis indeed.

Latest News Items

» New Wiki

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 11:04pm by Captain Ava Dahlia in Website Update

Anticipating the likely large amount of data and story that we will all develop together I have gone ahead and installed a MediaWiki for us all to maintain our own canon in an organized and safe way. Already some articles have been added but general background information and canon relevant to the missions will be added in the next few days and weeks.

The wiki can be found at https://lcars.ussnoorinayatkhan.com/. Unfortunately I cannot link your Nova account to the Mediawiki, so you will need to create a new account if you want one. The wiki is a community resource so feel free to store any information you feel relevant to the sim.

Like the sim the Wiki operates under a Creative Commons License. This means others are free to reuse data from it as long as such reuse matches certain conditions such as being noncommercial.

» Two New Arrivals

Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 4:52pm by Captain Ava Dahlia in Sim Announcement

Only a day into being open to the public it is my distinct pleasure to announce our first two arrivals.

First of all Dr. Jacob Smith has joined us as our Chief Counselor. The Lieutenant Commander will certainly have his work cut out for him fixing all these heads.

Secondly, Commander Garrett Ross will join us as Executive Officer to get control of this rowdy bunch!


Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 1:18am by Captain Ava Dahlia in Sim Announcement

After weeks of preparation and months of brainstorming it is my absolute pleasure to announce the USS Noor Inayat Khan is now officially alive, and a member of Sim Central. As a community first organization that values cooperation without domination, Sim Central is the ideal partner as ST:NIK embarks on its many adventures.

Now that the sim is public, the challenge of finding writers begins in earneast. I look forward in seeing what amazing stories everyone will produce!

Latest Mission Posts

» The Last Day (Part 3)

Mission: Episode 1 - Baptism By Fire
Posted on Fri Nov 5th, 2021 @ 6:48pm by Lieutenant Bayre

“Ordinarily,” Niahl said as he reached the top of the low rise, “I would not intrude, Bredu.”

Bayre, who had been tracking his approach out of habit more than anything else, nodded his permission and dropped the veil that covered the lower half of his face. “This is not an…

» Last Day (Part 2)

Mission: Episode 1 - Baptism By Fire
Posted on Sun Oct 31st, 2021 @ 6:51pm by Lieutenant Bayre

The day had been long though not physically arduous. Walking single file, wrapped in dark thoughts, it was well past sunset by the time the Azhadi reached the outskirts of the spaceport. By some unspoken decision, they gathered in the field just outside of the outworlders compound to share a…

» The Last Day (Part 1)

Mission: Episode 1 - Baptism By Fire
Posted on Sun Oct 31st, 2021 @ 4:23am by Lieutenant Bayre

When she called her children together, the people came. In the center were the Azhadi, clothed in black with their long swords lying before them on the ground parallel to their bodies, knelt with knees spread and hands resting lightly on the tops of their thighs. To the right were…

» Enjoying the View

Mission: Episode 1 - Baptism By Fire
Posted on Thu Oct 28th, 2021 @ 12:05am by Captain Ava Dahlia & Lieutenant Ilona Lagunova & Lieutenant JG Raien Ameyali

After verifying with the Space Port Operator where her ride to the Noor Inayat Khan departed from, Ava made her way to Launch Pad 3 where she would hopefully find the Danube Class runabout USS Illyria. Many questioned her reasoning of not just taking the transporter, but Ava had always…

» What a wonderful world

Mission: Episode 1 - Baptism By Fire
Posted on Wed Oct 27th, 2021 @ 6:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Jacob Smith

Jacob stood in front of the window behind his desk within his office while "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong played in the background. The starship had just done an 8-year deep space exploration mission and now was en route to Starbase 1 for much-needed shore leave and a…